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Jeep Key Replacement Houston Texas

- car lock smith Hey there. Did you broken or misplaced the key to your Jeep? Do you wish to copy high security, transponder key or fob remote? In a search for an inexpensive and convenience replacement keys solutions?

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Okey DoKey Locksmith offer 24/7 fast and affordable Jeep replacement key. Call (832)408-0006 for immediate assistance, free estimate and scheduling. Our expert mobile car locksmith come to you to copy or replace your lost keys on-site.

Furthermore, we can solve all your Jeep locks, ignition and key concerns.

Does Jeep use transponder keys?

transponder key Jeep began using transponder chip keys with the Jeep Sebring 1998. Transponder based mechanism are mandatry or optional depends on model and year.

Usually, if your key has a gray colored rubber head, it has a transponder.

Remote head keys

In 2004, Jeep launched accepting keys with the remote clicker originated in the apex of the key. Most models switched to the new remote head key in the following years.

The keys are more expensive of course, but a non-remote key used instead.

Fobik keys

In 2008, Jeep launched the use the FOBIK key. Instead of metal blade, a FOB encompasses a remote that fits into a socket in the ignition lock.

These remote fob are also more expensive, but there is a non-remote 'POD' key for these system as well.

Jeep Keyless entry device

Since 2011, Jeep implemented the 'Keyless Go'. Some models have optional or mandatory proximity key with a pushbutton-start ignition.

Why does Jeep use transponder keys?

vehicle anti-theft The head goal of Jeep immobiliser and transponder is to prevent unauthorized vehicle access and theft. The remote clicker option also provide extra convenience and security.

How does Jeep transponder and immobilizer work?

The anti-theft technologies developed by Jeep is the Sentry Key Immobiliser Module (SKIM). A Sentry Key Immobiliser Systems (SKIS) installed in the vehicle to act as the brain. Each programmed SKIM key carries a unique code for specific vehicle.

When you insert a SKIM key into the ignition, the SKIS sends out an RF signal to the transponder in the key. If the key recognize the vehicle, it sends a unique message back to the computer with its unique code. The SKIS confirm that the key authorised to start this particular vehicle. If the key is not programmed for the vehicle, it will shut down after two seconds of running.

How to program a Jeep transponder key yourself?

If you have 2 functional keys, Jeep use a simple on-board procedure to add a duplicate keys. If you only have one key available, a diagnostic equipment required to add keys. In 2010 Jeep began eliminating the on-board programming feature, though certain models still use it.

How do I know if my Jeep has a transponder key?

  • Jeep Wrangler 1998+
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998+ (98 optional)
  • Jeep Renegade 2015
  • Jeep Commander 2006+
  • Jeep Compass 2007-10
  • Jeep Cherokee 1998-01 (optional)
  • Jeep Liberty 2002+ 02-04 (optional)
  • Jeep Patriot 2007+

Duplicate Jeep keys

duplicate Note - The 2-door Stratus and 2-door Sebring 2000-2001 use Mitsubishi style locks. The following duplication methods will not work with those vehicles.

How to duplicates Jeep keys and remotes?

Jeep vehicles may have surplus keys added employing a smooth dash-board console process. Only if the owner have at least two functional keys which are already program.

How to duplicates Jeep keys on board?

  1. Get a blank key online or at the dealer.
  2. Go to a local hardware store and cut the key. (You can also avoid the two first step by ordering a cut key online service).
  3. Insert the first functional key into the ignition key mouth and swing to the RUN/ON state.
  4. Hold the key in the RUN/ON state for at least 5 seconds (no more than 15 seconds) and swing the ignition lock back to the OFF state.
  5. Remove the first key, insert the second functional key and turn to the RUN/ON state within 15 seconds.
  6. The theft alarm light should light up after close to 10 seconds and a single ring sound entail entry into the programming mode.
  7. Within 60 seconds, swing the second functional key to the OFF state and pull it out.
  8. Insert the new un-programmed key and swing it to the RUN/ON state.
  9. After nearby 10 seconds, a single peal will sound and the theft alarm light will disband.
  10. Wait 5 seconds and swing the ignition lock to the OFF state.

In 2010 Jeep began dismissing the dashboard key coding feature for some vehicles.

If only one key exist, the car connected to diagnostic equipment to add a spare key.

How to duplicate Jeep key by VIN?

If you only left with 1 functional key, the on-board process will not work! A locksmith or the dealer can still copy your key using the VIN number and a proof of ownership. This done using dedicated diagnostics and programming tools.

Jeep key cloning

One more option the dealer and the locksmith have is to copy and clone the key-data into a new cut blank. This also done using dedicated diagnostics tools and programmers.

Lost Jeep keys

Lost metal key blade

lost key made If you lose all your keys to a Jeep built before 1998, the key has no chip. All you need to do is to go to the to a locksmith store with the VIN number and have them create a new key.

This process is quite simple and in most cases will cost less than a 100$.

An exception to what written above is if the ignition cylinder changed and is not match with the VIN number.

In this situation, a locksmith swap the ignition again or to generate a new key by reading the key curves inside the ignition cylinder. This process is more compound and requires a locksmith with a proper experience and machinery.

Lost Jeep transponder key

If your Jeep built after the year 1998, your key might contain a transponder chip.

If you lose all your keys to an immobilized Jeep, the auto main computer reprogrammed to accept a new key. This means that you need a towing truck to tow the car to the dealer-ship or to call a way-side assistance lock-smith who will come out to your site.

My Jeep ignition key wont turn! What to do?

ignition repair There are many reasons for ignition problems! Please check our article about ignition repair and replacement.

How much a replacement Jeep key cost?

Service Price
Car Lockout $60-$120
Locked keys in trunk $60-$190
Door lock rekey/repair/change $160-$280
Lost key replacement $120-$200
Duplicate car key $100-$180
Remote/Key FOB $200-$300
Keyless entry device $220-$320
Ignition repair $110-$180
Key extraction $80-$130
Ignition replacement $160-$280
ECU re-flash $225-$285

* Estimates above includes the technician coming out to you the parts and the labor.

Final price depends on:

  • The state of the lock and the computer in the vehicle.
  • The type of equipment that the technician need to use.
  • The type of key that you would like to have.
  • The chip configuration.

The tech will diagnose the vehicle and provide a price for you to approve before doing anything.

Okey DoKey mobile Jeep locksmith 24/7

emergency locksmith Our emergency mobile vehicle lock-smith are working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Ready to handle all your Jeep keys and locks headaches. We usually arrive at customer location fast.

Our work van is absolutely arrayed with most advance diagnostic, programming and cutting machinery able to restore keys onsite. A key replacement process for a vehicle in most cases done same day.

We pride oneself in serving an economical price and reliable services. Give us a call at (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our Jeep expert will arrive to your place ASAP. Okey DoKey Locksmith is always here to meet your needs in a professional way.


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Jeep Key Replacement Houston Texas Okey DoKey Locksmith

Jeep Key Replacement Houston Texas Okey DoKey Locksmith

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