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Lock Rekey In Houston Texas

- house moving If you are reading this page, you probably lost your keys or moved into a new home or office. Looking for a roadside assistance lock smith to come out to you and re key or change your lock.


24 hour service Okey DoKey Locksmith offer 24/7 lock re key service for your house and business. Give us a call at (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our residential locksmith will come out to you to get your lock rekeyed or replaced.

By reading this short article you will learn some basic knowledge about what is lock re key. Reasons for rekeying and what is master-key system and who can re key your locks. Find a top choice mobile locksmith to fresh install, replace or update your commercial and residential locks.

What is lock rekeying?

lock rekey The name of the process 're-key' might give you a clue to the process and the way it works.

Basically, re key is readjusting the lock internal parts to sync in with a different key grooves, increasing your business or home security. In other words, you can keep the most of your old lock, but the old key will no longer work.

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By understanding the concept and the way the tumbler pin works inside the lock cylinder, a professional well-trained locksmith can easily reorder or change the combination or the pins place to match a new key and reject the old one. Re-key locks increases the security by giving the owner a sole control on the access to a property.

Why rekeying a lock?

save money The main reason to re key a lock is to save money - Many times, building owners or tenants moving in and out a new dwelling worried about tha fact that someone might still keep the old key and put their safe-ness at risk in the future.

Indeed, it's hard to get a good night sleep knowing a stranger have a functional key to your place and the first thing that comes to your mind is to replace all the external lock which might bring back your safety, but might be very complex and expensive.

The process of rekeying the lock is cost-effective because it uses the existing lock body, but a few pins replaced to make the lock function with a brand new key keeping the same basic lock components.

The second reason for rekeying a lock is to create a master-key - In some situations, one person (like a security guard or cleaning team) must have keys to all the doors in a building and need to carry a large chain of keys for different rooms.

The idea behind the master-key is to have one exclusive key that can open all the locks in a specific dwelling, even if each lock have its own key.

Can you re key a lock yourself?

For a competent locksmith, the process is fast and straightforward for most Mortise and Deadbolt locks.

However, although on paper, replacing a few pin-tumblers sounds like a rather simple task, but it is very easy to damage the lock mechanism if you miss one spring or handle one of the steps in the process wrong, you might end up paying more than what you originally thought, especially with high security locks like Medeco or Kaba etc.

Homeowners could potentially harming the locks mechanism attempting to get it rekeyed, simply because of the fact that they have to pull off the lock from the door and disassemble it's parts! If you are not a professional locksmith, we advise that you leave the re key job to an experienced, skilled and equipped professional.

User-rekeyable locks

car key replacement For those who own a high traffic facilities like short-term rentals, AirBnB or storage there is a constant requirment for a lock re key every time a renter leaves.

Since owners can't afford the service every couple of days, a contemporary security discovery user-rekeyable lock was invented by several companies in the door hardware industry which allows you to re key the lock in a few seconds.

With rekeyable locks like SmartKey by Kwikset or SecureKey by Schlage you can change your lock to fit an entirely new key in a few seconds by simply inserting a functioning key, turning a quarter to the right, inserting a learning tool, removing the old key, and insert a new one.

What is master-key system?

A master-key is a key that opens multiple locks! A primitive use of master-key system such as closing and opening a few home doors using the same key. A master-key system will support multi-level access to a lock depending on the type of key you carry.

Master key systems established on three different levels, the low-level key is ideally given access to one door, the second level is given access only to specific sets of doors and essentially the top-level master-key used to control all the locks.

The platform enables master-keying a group of locks to work by their own autonomous key as well as by a master-key for a use for example by a maintainance personal at a hotel or an apartment complex.

How much does it cost to re key a lock?

Re key as opposed to replacing the lock is the process of rearranging the pins in the cylinder to accept a new key and usually cheaper than changing lock.

Why choosing Okey DoKey Locksmith?

Whenever the time comes to do change locks at your business or residence, you should take all necessary steps to make sure that you only do business with honest and professional company that work closely with the high quality main lock manufacturers in the industry.

Here at Okey DoKey Locksmith, we are fully licensed and insured security company by the Department of Public Safety since 2017, have been providing high-quality lock re key services for years. Each one of our residential locksmiths are experts in the field with extensive experience.

We believe in open communication with the customers and our business ethics and help to make the way for 100% satisfied customers and our recurring customers and perfect reviews reflects the certitude.

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Lock Rekey In Houston Texas - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Lock Rekey In Houston Texas - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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