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Biometric & Fingerprint Locks Houston TX

- biometric lock Are you looking to install or repair a biometric for you office or store. Do you need high security access control system to your employees?

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Okey DoKey Locksmith offer mobile biometric installation, programming and repiar. We carry a range of biometric keyless entry locks for your home and business. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our access control expert will be with you immediately.

What is biometric lock?

fingerprint Biometric lock is a device that allow users to unlock/lock using personal identifiable information. The device uses optical or thermal scanner to store, check and authorize access. The only tools which required to gain access is the fingerprint of the visitor.

Why installing a biometric lock?

Biometric locks are meant to provide convenient entry and maintainance. Since users don't use keys, there is less to worry about lost keys and duplication.

Are biometric locks more secured than traditional locks?

burglary protection Biometric locks doesn't necessarily offer higher security. The security of a smart lock is based on the quality of its software and hardware. If the software or the physical part of a biometric lock is easily defeat, then it doesn't offer any higher security than a traditional lock. Burglars or ackers might be able to take advantage of that design to unlock your door.

How does a biometric door lock work?

Biometric door lock scans the fingerprint of a user to open the door, instead of using a key. Since each person have a unique fingerprint, this method of entry is more efficient than keys.

On initialization, admin scans and enter user fingerprint data to a central computer. Once done, every time this person place his finger onto the scanner, the lock will scans the fingerprint. The locks convert the fingerprint data into a digital template and send it to the central computer. If the fingerprint data matchs the data stored in the system, the door opens.

Different security authentication protocols used on biometric locks to recognize visitors and employees. Most biometric lock also offer employees time tracking and visitor logging.

How to choose the right biometric lock?

how to choose a biometric lock The right biometric lock is basically a balance of size, sharing access, and security level. Balancing those three factors narrow down your selection:

Size of the lock

When it comes to size and weight, a large biometric lock is usually harder to fit in small spaces. Larger locks might prevent user from using the lock on certain types of doors. The size also have a correlation with the level of protection the lock provides. Heavier and larger locks tend to be harder to break into since they are made from sturdier materials.

Sharing access

Sharing access deals with the functionality and characteristics of the lock. How the lock is opened, how many users are allowed, how users are being added etc. Some locks uses an Bluetooth app to allow open or close. Each biometric lock have a limit to the number of users on the network. Residential biometric locks might have a limit of 10 users, while business lock sometimes need thousands.

Security level

The security level of the lock deals with the lock resistance to smashing or cutting forces. The actual locking mechanism is typically made of a combination of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. With a large bolt cutters or driller wielded every lock is breakable. We need to make sure it's strong enough to hold up to a burglary attempt and make it as noisy as possible to break in.

Can I install a biometric lock myself?

installing a biometric lock In general access control system installation is a job for a license and reliable professional.

Basically, the installer will first place the controller in a protected room or any other secured location. Secondly, he will run wires through the wall for each respective door for the power outlet. A profeaaional electrician will install the wires invisible inside the walls and thus with a smooth finish. The last part of the installation is to install the biometric lock on the doors and program access for users.

Can you change the battery in a biometric lock?

A biometric lock usually use a replaceble or a rechargable lithium-ion battery. The battery last for around six months on standby and runs about two months while active usage. The battery lifetime is practical to open and close the lock a few thousand times with one charge. When the battery expires, the lock remains locked with an empty battery alarm of some kind. With a rechargable battery you connect a USB power supply and recharge it. For a replaceble battery open the cover and replace it.

How much does it cost to install a biometric lock?

biometric lock cost Biometric lock system come with both hardware and software costs. Choosing the right lock for your organization involves identifying which technology best aligns with several different criteria. The cost of a fingerprint lock system can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Total price depends on the balance between security requirment and budget. It also depend on your existing infrastructure and regulatory requirements size and features.

Service Price
Biometric lock installation (per door) $700-$2200
Access control software (per month) $40-$80

* Estimates above includes the technician coming out to you the parts and the labor. Final price also depends on the state of the lock and the door, the type of equipment that you want to install. If there is any change to this price, the tech will let you know before doing anything after evaluating your situation. You will get a price or a proposal to approve avoiding any surprises both ways.

How long does it takes to install a biometric lock?

biometric lock locksmith Okey DoKey Locksmith is entirely able to offer professional biometric lock installation. For a small scale biometric lock we might be able to provide fast service.

Things get a little more complicated on a large scale installation. Sometimes ordering the required locks might take couple of days. In most cases installation in copleted in one day, but on rare occasions also takes couple of days. It basically depend on how many doors you have and the infrastructure for the power outlet.


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Biometric & Fingerprint Locks Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Biometric & Fingerprint Locks Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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