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Panic Bar installation Houston TX

- annual Fire department inspection Are you a maintenance manager or a business owner experiencing the process of a fire exit door probe? Do you need to install or repair an exit door panic bar?


emergency exit door strategy Okey DoKey Locksmith offer panic bar installation and repair for your office and business. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our commercial locksmith will come out to you to solve your problem.

What is a panic bar?

Panic hardware offer crowd of people inside an establishment rapid and easy leave in an emergency.

Panic door locking device reside on the inside of the door and only used when user exit. Exit door can still use exterior knob and keys besides the device, but must be able free escape at any given time.

How do I know if I need a panic hardware?

Panic hardware are durable and easy to use. People often install them on a non exit door for greater convenience or to use by disabled. For example for mall shoppers, theater visitors or a hospital bathroom doors.

How does a panic door work?

A panic device is a bar which is usually a piece of flat metal fixed on the inside of the door. A latch on the door pushs against the bar to retracts the mechanism and open the door. This design works with minimal moving components to offer resistant to obstructive issues.

In addition to this elemental functionality, there are several more emergency exit options:

Exit only vs reentry panic hardware

Firstly there is an exit only device with no re-entry on the same door. Some doors will consist an exterior cylinder keyed lock to be able to retract the latch with the turn of a key. Another re-entry option is a handle installed on the exterior trim. With both of these components, re-entry is possible either by moving the lever or knob or using the key or when needed.

Exit door alarm systems

Sometimes the exit door hardware consist a battery or electric operated alarm that sound a siren when the door opened. Such a panic hardware is in most case a job for an access control technician.

Automatic door closers

The last part of a panic hardware device will be an automatic door closer.

Panic hardware code requirements

panic hardware standard and requirements There are 2 organizations developing standards and codes for panic hardware. The IBC (International Building Code) and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Requirements vary depending on a particular state jurisdiction.

To further complicate things, panic hardware is often combined with electrified options. Some consist of alarm, electric latch retraction, controlled egress, and delayed egress. this will carry additional requirements and restrictions.

In some states, doors must meet requirements for tornado and hurricane protection test.

Panic hardware vs fire exit device

Panic hardware used on exit doors mostly for heavy trafic use or convenience. Typically they consist of a dogging feature that allow push and pull function on the door. Dodgging can be mechanical or electrical and done to enable traffic to go in/out.

Fire exit hardware require positive-latching with no mechanical dogging. If a push/pull function is desired, retraction achieved by an electric latch that projects automatically upon fire alarm. For example the mall entry doors set for electric dogging during working hours.

The interesting thing is that the question, “When is fire exit device required by codes?” is under frequent struggle among specialists. Many times there is no one clear answer to this seemingly clear question.

In general, fire exit hardware required on an egress doors serving the following 4 occupancy's:

  1. Educational facilities like schools, preschools, universities etc.
  2. Assemblies of 50 people or more.
  3. Electric equipment rooms (depend on volts and distance from the exit).
  4. High hazard spaces.

On top of the four it also depend on occupancy type and requirements. The final decision determined by the size of the space divided by the number of square feet per person.

Can I install an exit door hardware by myself?

Fire exit device standards and codes are complex and requires fire department inspection. We recommend using commercial locksmith to install them!

Choosing to install a panic hardware yourself, follow the manual instruction provided. The installation will usually include the following steps:

  1. Marking the door and frame with position for the installation.
  2. Install a dogging cylinder (if provided with the device). This step requires fresh installation and is challenging for a non experience locksmith.
  3. Mounting the device body to the door.
  4. Install cover and strikes.

Panic hardware manufacturers

panic hardware standard and requirements Reputable manufacturers thoroughly tested their products under all conditions and circumstances.

Some of the most reputable push bar manufacturers are Von Duprin and Dorma. These manufacturers fully comply with all applicable regulations which makes them the perfect choice. Bellow you will find Okey DoKey Locksmith top 6 brands:

Grade 1 - Education & Assembly Occupancy's

Installation type Price
Wood Door $220-$600
Metal Door $320-$700
Glass Door $420-$1000

Grade 2 - High Hazard Room

Installation type Price
Wood Door $300-$500
Metal Door $400-$650
Glass Door $500-$1100

Grade 3 - Access Control

Installation type Price
Wood Door $600-$2000
Metal Door $700-$2200
Glass Door $1000-$3000

* Estimates above includes the technician coming out to you the parts and the labor. Total price depends on the infrastructure on the door and the type of equipment required.333 Optional components such as door closer, exit push button, sensors greatly effect price. Final cost or a proposal provided after diagnosing the door and your requirements.

Where to buy panic hardware locks & parts

  1. You can always find door exit hardware at hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes. They usually sell equipment for basic hardware installation on wood or metal doors.
  2. Amazon and Ebay will also be a good option to buy panic hardware. Wait for couple of days for the equipment and complete the job on your own.
  3. Dedicated door hardware and fire exit devices online stores. Open google and search for "Where to buy panic hardware online?"


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  2. wikipedia - Crash bar.
  3. Ask a question in the International Code Council forum.

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Panic Bar installation Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Panic Bar installation Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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