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Mortise Lock Install & Repair Houston TX

- office moving Did you lost the keys to your home or office? Are you a house owner looking to install Mortise locks on your doors?


24 hour service Okey DoKey Locksmith offer mobile Mortise door hardware installation, change and repiar. We carry a range of commercial and residential Mortise locks for your home and office. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our Mortise lock expert will be with you ASAP.

What is mortise lock?

mortise lock Mortise is a lock that requires a pocket cut into the door frame and consist of two main parts. The lock body (cylinder), installed in the door pocket and a catch plate, installed in the doorjamb.

When to use mortise lock?

There are three main reasons to install a Mortise locks:

  1. It is harder for intruders to force a Mortise lock to open, therefore it offers a better protection. Fitted inside a pocket in the door the lock hide it's sensitive element inside the door.
  2. When you need to lock the door both from the inside and out. This make Mortise lock as an ideal selection for a front door.
  3. Mortise lock enable a "passage function" that is ideal for kids room. This function let user shut the door without being locked and use the handle to get in and out.

When the architecture required a complex patterns and solid-cast levers and knobs, mortise is a good fit. Mortise lock accommodate a more solid internal mechanism and a better return spring. Mortise is more versatile and stronger than a bored cylindrical lock, both in functionality and its external trim.

Disadvantage of Motrise locks

There are three main disadvantages/limitations for the use of Mortise locks:

  1. Mortise requires a door tickness of at least 1.75 inches and might weakens the door structure.
  2. Mortise lock usually cost more than other locks in the market on average.
  3. Mortise lock is a greater challange to install and require dedicated tools and skills

Since Mortise lock offer a range of functionalities, it has many disadvantages and limitations. Today mortise locks are found mostly on older doors and buildings and the bored cylindrical locks became more popular.

What is Mortise dead lock?

mortise lockSome A cleaner form (dead lock) Mortise without a handle or latch is available. This lock use a pin tumbler rim lock as an extra security layer to the non-dead-locking sprung latch.

This lock design led to a popular confusion: The term mortise lock many times used in reference to the door handle locking mechanism.

Can I install Mortise lock by myself?

Mortise lock require special woodworking knowledge and dedicated tools for door preparation. The main part of the installation is cutting a pocket in the door frame using a mortising jig. Then mounting the respective exterior trim. For a non experience person installation can proved problematic.

Lost Mortise key! What to do?

Unfortunately Mortise locks have lost their popularity and key blanks are becoming extremely scarce to find. Many manufacturers have stopped producing Mortise keys and the costs of rekeying these types of locks are too expensive. If you lost your key to mortise lock, the best thing would be to simply replace the whole lock.

Mortise high-security locks

heavy traffic mortise locks Mortise offer heavy traffic and high-security electronic, biometric and smart lock solutions featuring contemporary architecture. Mortise locks use on interior and exterior doors in many classrooms, security rooms, stairwell doors and lobby entrances. Mortise high durablity products are the first choice for many industrial, educational and healthcare facilities.

How much does a mortise locks cost?

One of the argument against installing a mortise lock is the price. A homeowner should expect to spend at least around $100 to $150 more that a Deadbolt lock with same functionality.

In most case a Mortise lock is installed in a door that already had a Mortise lock before. For a fresh installation, most locksmiths will recommend the use of Deadbolt lock instead.

Service Price
Servicde call $29
Shas Mortise lock $70-$200
Mortise dead lock $90-$280
Residential Mortise lock $120-$350
Electronic Mortise lock $400-$1000
Smart Mortise lock $500-$1200
Mortise lock change $80-$150
Mortise lock fresh installation $150-$400

* Estimates above includes the technician coming out to you the parts and the labor. Final price also depends on the state of the lock and the door and the type of equipment that you want to install. If there is any change to this price, the tech will let you know before doing anything after evaluating your situation. You will get a price or a proposal to approve avoiding any surprises both ways.

How long does it takes to install a Mortise lock?

Okey DoKey Locksmith service mortise locks and able to offer a high quality products for you home or office. We can install, repairs or replace basic Mortise Shas and Deadlock locks same day.

For sideplate, fire rated, sliding door, night latch or other special mortise design order should be placed. Ordering Mortise locks might take around 2-3 days for the lock to ship to us.

If you need electronic, high security or heavy traffic commercial Mortise order also takes around 2-3 days.

Once you’ve made your choice and the order delivered, our technicians will be with you within around 30 minute. Installation of the lock usually takes around 30-60 minutes and lock change around 15-30 minutes.


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Mortise Lock Install & Repair Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Mortise Lock Install & Repair Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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