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Lock Change & Install Houston Texas

- Did you lost your home key? Moved into a new apartment? Want to upgrade your office security infrastructure? Are you searching for a reliable mobile locksmith company to come out to your site to change your locks?


lock change Okey DoKey Locksmith offer commercial and residential lock change services 24/7. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our lock expert will come out to your place fast. We install, replace or repair wide range of locks for your house and business.

Why replacing locks?

After so many times of opening and closing its cylinder, locks do wear and tear. As reliable as they are, even the highest quality locks past the point of repair and need replacement.

Besides, during the life time of a lock, there are few other situation in which lock change needed:

  • When the lock is old or broken, key stuck or turn freely in the keyhole.
  • When you move into a new house or office and don't know who else have the keys to your new place.
  • Switching tenant, owner want to make sure that the old tenant don't have any duplicate key.
  • If you want to upgrade your home or business security infrastructure.
  • To accommodate disabilities - For example, elders might prefer a lever handle locks that is easier to twist than a knob.
  • Upgrading to modern electronic, bluetooth and smart locks. Electric locks usually offer better convenience, but not higher security).
  • Aesthetic and interior decoration reasons like color and shape.
  • Recovering after a burglary.

Replace VS rekey a lock

rekey lock Rekeying means replacing the pins in the lock cylinder to accept a new key and reject the old one. Rekey service is usually cheaper then a lock change.

The first option for a professional locksmith to rekey the lock and keep it in service. If the lock worn out, broken or a different style of lock required, the lock replaced.

Changing lock by yourself

Most locks comes with full installation instructions and customer support hotlines. Changing a basic door locks is a not too complex DIY project. If you have good mind, smart hands and a screwdriver, you can handle it in less that an hour.

Note that drilling is not recommended for unexperienced installers as it can easily damage your door. For fresh installation of door locks, call a locksmith.

How much does a lock change cost?

Passage locks The first factor in the price of a lock change service is the lock itself. Most locks cost between $25-$150 depend on the level of security and quality they provide. A standard lock include a set of 2 new keys and the technician charge between $5-$30 for each additional key copy. Price go's higher than that if you want to install high-security commercial locks such as Medeco and Mult-i-lock.

Changing lock service cost between $30 to $300. The total price varies by the number of lock replaced, the lock type and security level and the labor. Evening, weekend and holiday services can increase the price in 50-100$ more.

Electronic and magnetic locks replacement is a job for an access control technician and have a total different pricing depend on the lock device, the infrastructure for the installation and the programming configuration.

Why choosing Okey DoKey Locksmith?

Okey DoKey Locksmith professionals deals with locks, keys, and security systems. We are experts in replacing and fixing broken locks and installing security systems. Following are several factors why you should hire us for your job:

  1. Licensing and certificates - We are certified and licensed for a lock change service.
  2. Experience in the Industry - Our experts have at least 5 years experience with latest equipment and locksmith methods.
  3. Product Warranty - We offer 6 months of warranty for parts and labor.
  4. Honest pricing - We provide you a free estimate over the phone and a total price before starting to work.
  5. 888 Ratings - We have the highest rate (A+) on the Better Businesses Bureaues
  6. Reviews - We have 4.9 average reviews on Google and social media.


  1. - A locksmith is a person who works with locks...
  2. - Locksmith license in Texas.

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Lock Change & Install Houston Texas - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Lock Change & Install Houston Texas - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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