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Peephole Installation Houston TX

- new front door If you’re reading this page, you are most likely new door for your house, office or store front door looking to install a peephole.


Okey DoKey Locksmith offer 24/7 fast and affordable peephole installation service. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our residential agent will come out to your place to install a peephole on your front door.

By reading this web-page you will learn about the various peep-holes in the market today. The different types of peep-hole installed on a wood, metal or glass doors. Where to buy peepholes online and how to install a peephole yourself

Why installing a peephole?

peeping outside Door viewers are significant addition to any home or office. Fundamentally in modern times, it is predominant able to control whom we let into our residential and commercial dwellings.

When someone knocks or ring the bell on your door, you have a clear sight in identifying who it is outside. With a door viewer you can avoid opening the door with a chain lock or peeping through a window curtain.

The front door viewer is a simple yet highly crucial part of your property security. A peephole is the perfect security device to make sure that you know exactly who's behind the door.

Types of peepholes

Peep-holes comes in varied styles, specifications and finishes and in various view degrees. Different peepholes applicable in different requirements. Therefore having a basic idea about the few options can help you in choosing the best one for you.

Wide Scope

Wide Scope peehole The Wide Scope peephole is primarily designed to meet the heavy traffic commercial and industrial doors. It constructed of heavy-duty solid brass enabling features like scratch and fire resistant.

The Wide Scope viewer features a 1" diameter optical lens of suitable for any door thickness from 1 3/4 to 3 inches capable of offering 200 degree view usable even in conditions like fog or poor lighting.

Mini Scope

Mini Scope peehole The smallest type of peep-hole available in market also enabled with a 200-degree optical device and fit into doors with thickness of 3/8 to 1 3/8 inches and it is normally recommended for thin complexes and apartments doors and requires a 15 mm hole for installation.

Mini View

Mini View peehole The mini view is one of the shortest door viewers in the market and was specifically designed for half to one and half inches thin doors. Available with conventional lens, requires only one inch hole for installation and featuring a wide-angle 200 degree lens.

Nu Scope

Nu scope peehole The Nu Scope peep-hole features a one inch diameter advanced direct view lens. This design offers a sharp and clear visibilty even at low-lighting conditions, offers a 180-degree view. The Nu is commonly installed for people with poor eyesight. It helps reducing the pressure on one's eyes to recognize the person on the outside.

Ultra Vision

Ultra Vision peehole The Ultra Vision door viewer fits into doors thickness of 1 1/4 till 4 1/8 inches. It features an advanced cutting-edge optical projection type of lens. This allows a user to see objects even at distance of up to 7 feet with a 132 degree angle view. The Ultra Vision equipped with a reversible hood and a prism and opaque lens for better view. One disadvantage of this peephole is that clarity of the target object depends upon the light source outside.

Xtra Scope

Xtra Scope peehole This kind of peep-hole is thin and long and can easily go through a 15 mm drilled hole. It is explicitly designed to use on heavy-duty reinforced doors ideal for doors having thickness up-to 3.5 inches. Using a conventional fish-eye lens, this peephole can achieve a broad 200-degree view.

Can I install the peephole by myself?

Adding a door viewer to most wood or fiberglass doors is a simple project for a beginner handy man. First you choose the style, brands and the viewing range degree of the required peep-hole. You can buy the peephole at your local Home Depot or Lowes hardware store or get them online on Amazon. You will need to have a drill bit, measuring tape, pencil, duct tape and follow the following instruction.

How much does it cost to install a peephole?

Installing a peephole is a simple task and in most cases should cost between $70-$110. This estimate include the service call fee for technician to come out and the price for the peephole itself.

How long does it takes to install a peephole?

A relatively simple door viewer offer all of the of information you need before opening your house door to a strangers. Okey DoKey Locksmith renders top quality peephole services in Houston TX and nearby areas.

Our locksmith experts have the skill and experience to install or repair door viewers hardware same day. Our experienced team is highly trained to service many types of peephole hardware brands. The availability is fast and the process will be same day. Basically you can get a new peephole installed within 1-1.5 hour in most cases.


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Peephole Installation Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Peephole Installation Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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