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Card Reader Installation Houston TX

- card reader Are you looking to install or repair a card reader for you office or store. Do you need to control the access to your properties for employees or visitors?

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Okey DoKey Locksmith offer mobile card reader installation, programming and repiar. We carry a range of RFID keyless entry locks for your home and business. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our access control expert will be with you ASAP.

What is a card reader?

An card reader restricts or allows access to a designated area using a card/keycard instead of traditional key or a keypad. It offer entry control as well as other features and often integrated in a larger access control system. Such infrastructure enable regulations, tracking and other access info.

Why installing a card reader?

restricted area For a large business, keeping access control using traditional keys or keypads is a serious logistical challenge. Office or a store is open for employees or visitors during business hours locked when closed:

Using traditional keys for a large business

Sharing tranditional key between few indeviduals is a present many problems in controlling access to a dwelling. For example, first employee to arrive and the last one to leave the office must have a key. In a , if a hotel guest lose a key, the manager will have to replace or rekey the lock.

Using keypads and PIN code

keypad lock A keypad is more suitable to manage the entry and leave of a large company, but still have some disadvantages. A PIN code for a keypad need to be memorized and many times gets in to the wrong hands. When this happens, the manager need to change the code and update all users with the new PIN. And if you have several points of access, employees might need to memorize few pin codes.

Using card reader and keycard

The answer to the problem with keys and keypads lies in card reader system. Like keypads that work with a PIN code or traditional key, keycard locks still require physical credential. The user usually use a swipe card, smart card or a proximity card. The card programmed to access specific areas at specific times of the day. This way there is no need to carry keys or memorize codes. In the case of employees losing a card, the system admin can simply blacklist the lost card and issue a new one.

How does a card reader door lock work?

RFID Card Reader uses of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to provide cards with unique code. The card reader constantly emits a RF signals. When a card crosses the signal, a copper wire inside the card powered from the RF field. This powers the chip containing unique card number and other data. The card unique code is then transmitted back to the card reader. The reader will then send the card information to the central control system for verification. The central control system will make a decision on whether the card holder is authorized to enter.

How to choose the right card reader?

Many access card readers are currently available in the market. Some simpler, lower security card readers and some have more advanced optionssuited for a higher security workplaces.

Barcodes and QR code cards

QR code Barcodes and QR code card reader scanned by an infrared beam of light. The card reader translates the code into credentials and authenticates the user. The barcode is easily copied by criminals, therefore it's only useful for low-risk access control areas.

Magstripe Cards

Magstripe Cards Magstripe card looks just like traditional credit cards. User credentials are coded on the magnetic strip on a plastic card. Since duplicators of credit cards are common, magstripe cards are not appropriate for high-risk access control. Magstripe system is suitable when losing or theft of a card will not present a liability to the resource.

Wiegand Cards

Wiegand Cards A unique user credential is encoded onto a metal wire within a card at the time of manufacturing. The card can’t be reprogrammed and fits in a medium-security settings. Wiegand Cards has lately been made obsolete by RFID wireless technology.

Radio Frequency Identification Cards

RFID Cards RFID chips is small enough to fit onto a card, but can still store 32 kilobytes of encrypted data. This makes them incredibly hard to forge or duplicate or overwritten by an un-authorized security personnel. Wireless cards are also less prone to wear and more sanitary than their alternatives.

Two kinds of RFID systems dominate the market today:

RFID Proximity Cards

Proximity card perform a one-way wireless transmission of data from a card to a reader. Since they only work in close proximity to the reader, they called prox card.

RFID Smart Cards

Smart cards are designed to achieve security and convenient access control. Each card have a built-in processor which essentially turn it into a miniature single-purpose computer. The computer in the smart cards have a bi-directional connection with the card readers. This connection enable a better encryption by using a single-use encrypted code on each entry. If an attacker copy the encrypted signal and resend it, it will no longer work. Smart cards are best suitable for high-security environments.

Can I install a card reader myself?

In most cases Access control system installation is a job for a license and trusted access control tecnician.

Basically, the installer will first place the controller in a protected IT room or any other secured location. Secondly, he will run wires through the wall for each respective door for the reader power outlet. A profeaaional electrician will install the wires invisible inside the walls and thus with a smooth finish. The last part of the installation is to install the card reader on the doors and program cards.

What to do if a card is lost?

When an employee loses a traditional key it sometimes necessary to switch out or rekey the locks. If a PIN code to a keypad is lost (forgotten/stolen), the lock need a combination change. This done to ensure no one have access to an old functional key or code. With card reader system, there are no mechanical adjustments to worry about. Admin programmably disable and revoke the lost or stolen card from the system and issue a new one.

Can you change the battery in a card reader?

Some RFID card lock have a battery inside to drive power to the bolt and indicator light. Like any other battery-operated device, the card door lock battery will eventually run out of power.

Most electronic door locks have a low battery indicator that will generate a low voltage alarm. The battery compartment is usually located in the rear panel or the lock body. Open the cover and replace the battery.

How much does it cost to install a card reader?

Card reader system come with both hardware and software costs. Choosing the right card type for your organization involves identifying which technology best aligns with several different criteria. The cost of a card reader system can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Total price depends on the balance between security requirment and budget. It also depend on your existing infrastructure and regulatory requirements size and features.

Service Price
Card reader installation (per door) $600-$2000
Access control software (per month) $40-$80
RFID card $5-$10
RFID smart card $15-$20

* Estimates above includes the technician coming out to you the parts and the labor. Final price also depends on the state of the lock and the door, the type of equipment that you want to install. If there is any change to this price, the tech will let you know before doing anything after evaluating your situation. You will get a price or a proposal to approve avoiding any surprises both ways.

To conclude

card reader locksmith Okey DoKey Locksmith renders top quality card reader services. Our access control experts have the skills and experience to install or repair card readers. For our highly trained to service many types of electric card reader brands call now (832)408-0006.


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Card Reader Installation Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Card Reader Installation Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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