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Magnetic Lock Installation Houston

- commercial magnetic door lock installationIf you are reading this webpage, you are most likely a business owner or a property manager relocating you office or got you store broken into. Wondering who install or repair a commercial magnetic door lock system in Texas.

Good news

Okey DoKey Locksmith offer top quality magnetic lock services in Houston TX and nearby area. Our access control experts have the skills and equipment to install or repair maglock hardware.

Call (844)653-6539 for our highly trained professional commercial locksmiths. We are on a duty call to help with design, setting up, installation and repair a wide range of maglocks.

What is a magnetic lock?

mobile locksmithA magnetic lock is an automatic device that consist of an electromagnet used to open and lock a door. The electronic magnet attached to the door frame and the armature plate to the door. The goal is to control the access of employees or customers to an office, a store or a building.

Why installing a maglock?

restricted area access control In most cases people do not make use of magnetic locks. The main reason is that they are not yet aware of the many benefits which these locks feather.

Magnetic locks have a range of products and interfaces, but all meant to achieve two main goals:

  1. Internal restriction - Using an interface like card reader, keypad or a biometric locks etc. The lock control the access to a building or a room for customers or employees.
  2. Heavy traffic entry - Magnetic force used as opposed to mechanical latch or a bolt. This makes the mechanism less sensitive to damage and worn out for the long run.

Few other benefits of magnetic locks is that they are easy to clean, simple to install and support. They are also durable with very few working parts which can fail or cause problems.

How do electromagnet door locks work?

electromagnetic lock wiring diagramMagnetic locks makes use of a powerful electromagnet which keeps the door locked. Hundreds of pounds of magnetic force which can range between 300 and 1,800 pound hold the door closed.

The door unlock using the right permission, pushing a button, swiping a card etc. The electric current reduced by the user which allow the door to open.

Before installing a mag-lock

When you want to install a magnetic door locks, there are few basic things to consider. The main thing is to make sure that the correct device chosen and fits all your needs. Electromagnetic locks use to control access in and out to restricted areas. Some devices designed to use on a glass doors some on wooden doors and some on metal doors.

Installing a magnetic lock is a job for a professional access control technician.

Maglock installation key considerations:

  • The type of user who will use the system. Employees use fingerprint/card reader/keypad lock vs customers use intercom/buzzer.
  • Are doors designated as fire exit doors? (This might require an alarm system)
  • Are the doors wood, aluminum, steel, or and glass?
  • Do you have any parking lot gates or automatic garage doors to control?
  • Some centralized access control systems include more than one sit. This system lets you manage your security from a central point on all locations.
  • One more distinction is the difference between controlled exit and free exit systems. Controlled exit system enforce the same security for movement in both directions. Employees wave/swipe a card or enter the pass-code to get in or out of the secure area. In a free exit system, there is no restriction for leaving the area. This system detects someone approaching by a motion sensors or a release push button.

What is the best magnetic lock?

There are many magnetic locks in the market vary by different features and brands. There are indoor maglocks, outdoor maglocks, gate maglocks, and magnetic lock accessories. The best magnetic lock depends on your requirements.

Top 5 Magnetic lock distributors:

5 Top Magnetic Lock Distributors

What are the featues magnetic lock have?

  1. Stand-Alone Lock - Is an "all-in-one" access control system used on a single-door. Powered by an internal battery, the lock unlocked by keypad or proximity card.
  2. Key-switches - Provide a method of providing authorized control for the system. Using a key user can enable/disable the lock.
  3. Keypads - Are often common on single doors. A keypad lock is easy to use and inexpensive, but considered as less secured. The main problem is users writing down the numeric code or share it with others.
  4. Proximity readers - Are the most common option in commercial access control. Proximity card reader work from one inch to three feet from the sensor, easy to use, and administer. Since there is no contact between the reader and card, they are reliable and durable.
  5. Biometric lock - Depend on user physical identification characteristics such as fingerprints, handprints or retinal scans. Biometric locks are by far the safest form of access control. They are considerably expensive and can seem invasion to employees privacy. They are less reliable when used externally, so they are not recommended to use outdoor.

How to install magnetic-lock

Magnetic lock installation consist of 3 main steps:

  1. Drilling holes in the door and frame. This step often done on a glass door or a metal door and requires a glazier or a welder. Sometimes installer cut slots or make modifications to the door frame or the door itself.
  2. Connecting the device. Some are battery operated and some requires electric current. Often this step will include infrastructure preparation for the power outlet.
  3. Programming of the device for its specific use. A buzzer system or a strike lock for a store is easy to program and sometimes are a do-it-yourself project. Yet some devices requires proper skills and programmers. For example a card reader maglock for employees requires programmable set-up and maintenance.

How much does it cost to install a magnetic lock?

Grade 1 Stand-Alone

Installation type Price
Wood Door $300-$900
Metal Door $400-$1000
Glass Door $500-$1100

Grade 2 Key-switches

Installation type Price
Wood Door $400-$1000
Metal Door $500-$1100
Glass Door $700-$1400

Grade 3 Keypad

Installation type Price
Wood Door $600-$1200
Metal Door $700-$1300
Glass Door $800-$1500

Grade 4 Proximity readers

Installation type Price
Wood Door $700-$1300
Metal Door $800-$1400
Glass Door $1000-$2000

Grade 5 Biometric locks

Installation type Price
Wood Door $800-$1500
Metal Door $1000-$1800
Glass Door $1200-$2200

* Estimates above includes the technician coming out to you the parts and the labor. Final price depends on the type of device, the condition of the door and the infrastructure for the power outlet. If there is any change to this price, the tech will let you know before doing anything so there will be no surprises both ways.

24/7 mobile locksmith

buy magnetic locks online Our access control locksmiths installs intercom/keypad/buzzer door locks. They are well-trained and able to repair all types of magnetic locks in the American market.

We dispatch a mobile workshop and wide range of reputable manufacturers magnetic locks. Guarantee service your public dwelling needs.


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Magnetic Lock Installation Houston Okey DoKey Locksmith

Magnetic Lock Installation Houston Okey DoKey Locksmith

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