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House Lockout Houston TX

- Are you locked out of your house? Moved into a new apartment? Lost or broken your keys? Need to unlock your door?.

Awesome news

lock picking We offer fast and affordable 24/7 mobile house lockout service to open your front door. Our technicians can also repair or replace the lock, duplicate or make new key on-site. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE from our agent in the office and our technician will be with you immediately.

What is a house lockout?

A house lockout is an atrocious nightmare!

You might arrive back home in a rainy day or in the middle of the night. You reach into your pocket or purse only to discover your keys are not where you thought you put them.

With a bit of hysteria you go back to where you parked your car, open the door, look inside and the keys are not there.

You check every conceivable place, but still no keys.

You might have guests arriving soon and how unpleasant it will be to tell them you can’t get into your own home.

What to do if I lock myself out of my house?

24/7 locksmithFirst of all, in most cities in the United State unlocking a house door is a job for a licensed locksmith.

* In life threatening conditions, you should call the police or fire department.

Home lockouts is an emergency situation! People might get locked outside in the middle of the night or in the cold weather. A fast response is a major factor for a company to offer such a service.

An good emergency locksmith company hires a team of skilled pop a lock agents. This team is on a duty call around the clock 24/7/365 to come out to your specific location ASAP. A locksmith can pick any type of Deadbolt, Mortise and even high security locks.

A locksmith can also replace, repair or rekey a damaged lock if needed.

Need to get your house unlocked?
Get a FREE price estimate.

How much does it cost to unlock a house door?

Service Price
Knob locks $80-$130
Lever-handle locks $80-$130
Deadbolt locks $80-$140
High security locks $95-$295

Currently the market offers many lock manufacturers and types for house locks.

It is important to hire an experience lock expert who is familiar with the following:

Unlocking a knob locks

knob lock One of the most typical locks used by owners is the knob locks used on all kinds rear, patio, bedroom or garage doors.

The lock have a knob on both sides of the door and a key hole to unlock the door only on one side. When installing a knob lock, the installer choose the side cylinder from 2 options:

  • A left-hand knob lock for a doorknob on the left side of the door.
  • A right-hand knob lock for a doorknob on the right side of the door.

The locking system located inside the knob is fragile and often breaks and damaged. A knob shouldn’t be the main security lock on a house front door. In most cases a simple knob lock is easy to unlock and should cost between $80-$130.

Unlocking lever-handle locks

Lever-handle locks Lever handled locks used on interior doors, and are more stylish and convenient than a knob locks. They also have an easier access for the elders and handicap population, since most of them don’t requires a key.

Locking of a lever lock involves twisting or pushing a little button on the inside door face. Lever door lock aren’t recommended as the only line of defense on a front door. because they operates like knob locks. They manipulated and broken into with a little force and skills. In most cases a simple Lever lock is easy to unlock and should cost between $80-$130.

Unlocking Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locksDeadbolt lock consist of a metal bolt that slides into the door jam. The mechanism controlled by a keyhole on the outside and invisible latch inside the door. Deadbolts locks are cheap and secured and are the most common lock on front doors in America.

There are four main types of Deadbolt locks:

  • Single Deadbolts - This type of Deadbolt has the key-hole on the outside and an affixed thumb-turn on the inside of the door. This lock offers better accessibility in emergency like fire escape.
  • Contain a key cylinder and requires a key on both sides. This lock is less reliable for emergency escape, but user is less likely to get locked himself out.
  • Captive Deadbolts — Is actually a double side Deadbolts that have inside key with a head that looks like a thumb-turn. The key removed when the room/house is empty. These locks are expensive and requires external key to remove the inside thumb-turn.
  • Jimmy proof — Surface mount Deadbolts inter-locks that comes with their own jamb bracket. With minimal adjustments, this lock is popular with double swing in/out doors. Jimmy proof lock screws are on the inside of the door, which makes it hard to remove from the outside or pull apart.
  • Keyless Deadbolt - Electronic locks use a numbered keypad, card reader, biometric or a fingerprint interface. This interfaces replace the function of the standard metal key. To replace or repair a lock is expensive and requires a skilled locksmith. Professional set-up required to assure correct operation and to avoid compromising your security.

In most cases a Deadbolt lock is harder to unlock and should cost between 60-140$.

Finding honest and reliable locksmith

honest locksmithAs you might already heard on the media, not all locksmiths are completely honest. Many times they will abuse homeowners especially when emergency arises. They will exaggerate the steps necessary to pick that lock and overcharge homeowner.

Around 98% of all residential locks picked without any drill or damage whatsoever.

We suggests you not to call many companies and shop for prices. This will confuse the technician in the field that will tag you as a cheap customer and will refuse to service you. Instead, check for company reviews and complain on google map, 888, Yellow Pages, Home Advisor etc. Make sure that the company have a good reputation and customer satisfaction.

Lost your house key?
We make duplicate keys on-site.

After a house lockout service

lockboxNever take the safety of your family for granted! Take the necessary steps to make sure that you never find yourself on the wrong side of a door ever again.

You should devise a way which will force you to check for your house keys before you exit the property. There are many effective options available today such as lockbox or hide-a-key systems. Some are very useful and they manufactured to resemble logs or rocks in your front yard.

If you have trustworthy neighbors, you could leave a surplus key with your neighbor. This will help you to avoid emergency services next time that you locked out of your home.

It is always good to save a trusted locksmith professional in your phone-book. Be ready for that frustrating situation where you have locked yourself out.

To sum up

Okey DoKey renders top quality house lock out services in Houston TX and nearby areas. Our lock picking experts have the skill and experience to open or repair door locks.

Our experienced team is highly trained to service many types of lock brands.


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House Lockout Houston TX! Locked Out? What To Do - Cost

House Lockout Houston TX! Locked Out? What To Do - Cost

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