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Safe Cracking Service Houston TX

- safe lockout Are you locked out of your safe? Inherit a safe with no combination? Got your safe lock or dialer damaged need a safe cracking or repair service?

Well... we have great news for you

Okey DoKey Locksmith offer safe cracking and repair for your home and office safes. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our safe locksmith will come out to you to solve your problem.

What is safe cracking?

safe cracking methods Safe cracking is the process of unlocking a safe without the key or combination. Safes are usually being cracked after a lost combinations, lock malfunctions, fire or burglary attempts.

Who unlock safes?

Thinking about safe cracking probably wakes up memories about those crackers in the movies. Actors veritably able to crack safe using a stethoscope without any brutal break in and entry tools. Well, this is not impossible, but the safecrackers who have masterminds that skill are very few.

In reality, in most cases, the skill set required to unlock a safe with no damage will cost more than the safe itself. For the average locksmith, restoring the safe combination or key can take hours which is very expensive.

How to unlock a safe?

Different methods exist to crack a safe, depending on its security level and the condition of the locks:

  1. Lock manipulation - Is the process of unlocking a locked safe without defacing or drilling the safe. Instead, you use the combination lock against itself to track down the code.
  2. Try-out combinations - Most safes initialized by the manufacturer with try-out combination by the industry standard. The safe owner should reset the numbers after purchasing the safe. Many owners simply buy the safe and never change the code. By contacting the safe manufacturer, the safecracker can get the try-out combination.
  3. Day Lock - Many safe owners keep their safes a 'day lock'. To unlock the safe users need to dial all the numbers of the combination. However, to close it many times they cancel only one number. This means that to open the safe, the safecracker just need to guess the last number of the combination.
  4. Drilling - Is the most common method used to manipulate and open a sized safe. The most direct method is to drill into the lock face to reach the drive cam or lever. Then using a punch rod to bend or push them out-of-the-way and release the bolt. Many safes use heavy cobalt plates to slow down or prevent drilling. Therefore a diamond or titanium bit used and sometimes the process might take hours to complete.
  5. Torching - This method uses the heating of Oxy-acetylene, Plasma cutters or thermal lances torches. The safecracker bore a holes into the safe to expose the lock mechanism or the safe contents.
  6. Explosion - Using nitroglycerin jam shots to blow open a safe. This method is low on discretion and high on success, quick and effective. However not every content of the locked safe can survive an explosion.

Can you unlock safes with no damage?

The worst enemy of opening a safe with no damage is time. Lock manipulation is the only way to unlock the safe with no damage and sometimes manipulating the lock takes hours and days to complete. Basically, we can unlock any type of safe or vault with no damage.

However for many safes in the market, the type of ability required to unlock the safe with no damage might cost you more the safe itself. Therefore it might make more sense to destroy the safe which will be less pricy and buy a new one.

A second option will be safe manipulation that designed for recovery. This method involves drilling and maybe partial dis-assembly of the safe. Then the safe recovered by welding, repair or replace the drilled/broken part of the safe.

How to crack a fireproof safe?

fireproof safe Fireproof safes are extremely useful for storing important documents. The space between walls usually contain concrete with chips filling, lists of copper, iron and lists stainless wire-mesh. This provide reinforcement to swell explosion resistance in case of fire.

Such construction is incredibly resistive to drilling and explosions up to a certain mass of load. Especially since blowing it up may destroy the contents of the safe. Unlocking such a safe might take hours to cut using a angle grinder.

Can a locksmith make a safe key?

If you lost the key or the combination to your safe, your safe manufacture may mail you a new one. The manufacturer will require proof of purchase and your ID. If you register the safe under your name when you purchase it, it will simplify the verification process.

How much does it cost to crack a safe?

Service Price
Service call (For tech to come to you) $29
Small safe lockout (1-2.5") $80-$250
Small safe lockout (2.5-5") $150-$400
Small safe lockout (5"+) $350-$1200
Safe repair $150-$350
Safe moving $200-$400

Estimates above includes the technician coming out to you the parts and the labor. Final price also depends on the following:

  1. The condition of the safe locks.
  2. The type of equipment that the technician need to use to drill and open up the safe
  3. .

If there is any change to this price, the tech will let you know before doing anything. After diagnosing the safe, the tech will provide a total price for you to approve. Once you approve it, the tech will perform the job, baring any surprises both ways.

How long does it takes to crack a safe?

safe locksmith 24/7 Very few locksmiths today are able to offer a professional safe opening service. Most of them provide only basic residential and commercial services.

We hire professional safe locksmiths which has the necessary training, tools and skills. We can help you with all of your safe locking and unlocking problems fast.

All that required on your side is a simple phone call to (832)408-0006. Our well-trained and qualified locksmith will arrive at your place fast.


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Safe Cracking Service Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Safe Cracking Service Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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