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The car dealership is a local retail level distributor of vehicles based on a contract with one or more automakers. The dealer employs auto-mobile salespeople to sell their new or certified pre-owned vehicles and also employ automotive technicians to provide maintenance and repair services and process warranty claims for car owners as well as sell spare parts.

Using the dealer vs locksmith

When having issues with your car key lock system, you have two options to go with. Drive or tow your vehicle to the dealer or use a locksmith store or a mobile locksmith. A skilled car locksmith can handle all your automotive key lock system problems including the keys, locks, ignition and the key data part of the computer in your vehicle.

In case of emergency like a lost key, locking yourself out of your vehicle or ignition problems a mobile locksmith will be able to save the towing to the dealer to offer a better price overall, but if you just need a duplicate key or have any other problem, but can still drive your car, the dealer might be cheaper.

Buttom line, the choice is yours. Some drivers may trust their locksmith more than the dealer and others may just prefer to use a dealership. If you’re looking for the convenience and less hassle, a locksmith is your best bet, but for better prices the dealer might be better.

Find a dealer near me websites

In the following 5 websites you will be able to find local dealership near you by vehicle maker:

Auto Trader

autotrader.com1 is your ultimate online resolution for selling and buying new, used and certified cars. Our website is designed to give our customers more control of the purchasing process and make finding a motor vehicle easier than ever before...


Edmond.com2 helps you cover larger vehicle shopping ground in 600 square miles of Houston Texas by allowing you to fully research your options online and then connecting you to spacious deals through local trusted used and new car dealers...


kbb.com3 Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book has been one of the best-known names in the auto industry. Today, extends the tradition, with trusted values and a reputation for innovation, including resources to help you research, price and shop for the car you've been looking for...

USA Vehicle Finder

usa vehicle finder4 Search hundreds of dealerships on the Internet to find the one that meets your needs...

Auto Guide

AutoGuide.comA quality car dealer can make all the difference in the world. If you have a specific car in mind, choose a car make below to search our database of new and used car dealerships across the country. Haven't picked out a vehicle yet? Not a problem. Choose a state below to browse listings of all car dealers in your area...


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