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Medeco Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX

- office moving Did you lost the Medeco keys to your house? Are you a business owner looking to install Medeco locks in your office?


24 hour service Okey DoKey Locksmith offer mobile Medeco door hardware installation, change and repiar. We carry a range of commercial and residential Medeco locks for your home and office. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our Medeco lock expert will be with you ASAP.

What is Medeco lock?

Medeco lock Medeco, an ASSA ABLOY Group company was founded in 1968 in the United States of America. It has come a long way in providing state-of-the-art security locks for its clients globally. With its facility in Salem, Virginia and dedicated staff strength of approximately 250. Medeco was founded with the vision to provide optimum security to every home, company and government organization in the U.S.A. Ensuring that the research on production materials is carried out to produce thief-proof locks to every building or safe. Today, Medeco humbly boasts of the best, eco-friendly security locks, high security lock cylinders, padlocks, fingerprint and electronic locks globally.

Medeco locks are utilized in a wide range of high-security dwelling installations, including banks, schools, prisons, hospitals, governments and military. Nearly all Medeco's products are based on an axial rotation principle which is a pin-tumbler locks that rotates on its own axe to interface with the lock sidebar to allows the cylinder to rest in a rotated state when the right key is inserted into the lock.

Type of Medeco locks

Medeco has become one of the most common security applications available in the family home and businesses and is widely used to provide a high level of security with 3 main types of Medeco locks:

  1. Single cylinder - The outside of the lock accept a key, but the inside is operated by a twist knob.
  2. Double cylinder - Key is being used to lock/unlock both sides and therefore do not require any twist knob.
  3. Vertical medeco - Resist lock picking by covering the gap between the jamb and the door frame and make it hard for intruder to insert a pry bar and jimmying the lock.

Medeco key duplication

Medeco key duplicationThe security level of a lock is dependent upon two main factors: the physical strength against drilling or picking and the control over key duplication. Unauthorized key copy can play a cardinal role in risking even the most sophisticated security locking systems, therefore Medeco has developed a key duplication platform in which unauthorized keys copy is being eliminated by doing three things:

  1. Medeco keys must be made on unique key cutting machines equipped with special key clamps/vise assemblies capable of reproducing angles cuts in necessary tolerances to produce a workable key.
  2. Medeco sells its high quality, locks, keys and precision cutting machines only to security professionals such as locksmiths, locksmith distributors, and hardware contractors and suppliers. Each key blank is marked with an ID as an authorized key that will work properly with Medeco products and give records of key duplication history for a specific lock.
  3. Medeco has successfully enforce its right to eliminate unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of its bounded key blanks.

To achieve this goal, Medeco has developed and maintains a key control system in which each lock is assigned to a unique card (in the shape of a credit card). In order to cut additional keys, the end-user must specify their card to a patriot dealer to swipe through a Medeco card reader, connect with the Medeco factory server to verify the authorization card and send back the cutting information, so the locksmith can make the key.

Cost of medeco locks

Medeco Lock is a way to discourage intruders, but are not as cheap as other lock manufacturers in the market and end-user should expect to spend at least about $60 to $120 for purchasing of a basic type of Deadbolt or mortise lock. If you are looking for a better quality Medeco lock picking resistance lock, padlock or electronic lock, expect to pay 120$ to 400$.

Why choosing Okey DoKey Locksmith?

Okey DoKey locksmith Okey DoKey Locksmith offer Medeco lock services on a retail and wholesale basis which makes us the No. 1 source for security locks irrespective of the quantity in Houston Texas. We always deliver promptly and still get feedback from our clients which enable us to improve our services. Our solutions to your security challenges are still cost-effective, and that’s one the reasons why we top the charts when it comes to security and cost implications.

So if you lost or broken your key, need to rekey install or repair an old Medeco lock, searching for quality at the best price, then Medeco will treat you like a king or queen because that’s how important you are to us.


  1. - Medeco offers a unique combination of mechanical and intelligent key solutions customizable for high security needs.
  2. - About Medeco.

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Medeco Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Medeco Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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