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What is Lock Picking?


What is lockpicking?

Lock picking is the scope physically bypassing and open a lock. A lock picking is a technical term for going around or through a lock by means other than normally utilized with a key takeing advantage of a weakness or flaw in design. Truth be told, different techniques are employed to effectively pick locks. One distinctive feature about lock picking is that there is no rigid approach to lock picking. The procedure used by every lock picker differs from others. This simply means that every lock picker has his favorite approach. Listed below is the common approach to lock picking.

Different lockpicking methods

When locks are opened without the use of a key, it is referred to as lock picking. Locking picking involves the manipulation of the lock without causing destruction to the lock. Lock picking is referred to as safecracking when it involves the opening of safes. It is imperative to note that bypassing is a totally different process from lock picking; however, they have similar properties and techniques. Different techniques can be used to pick locks. However, this technique varies contingent upon the type of locks. Picking of locks arises as a result of anomalies experienced during manufacturing.

Single componenet picking

This approach to lock picking is intended to influence individual component of the locks. The loopholes of each component are used to define the appropriate position of every individual component. Despite the fact that numerous types are accessible, the most generally accepted type is the Single Component Picking.


RAKING The raking approach centers mainly on the different positioning of each component in the locks so as to reproduce several key depths. This process is more suitable if the positioning of the components can be predictable. Picks that are intended for raking are referred to as rakes.

Pick gun

Pick guns basically function by hitting the bottom of all the pins, which transfers energy to the stack of the pins and prompting a speedy opening of the lock.

Bump key

Key bumping is known to impose severe threat in most tumbler lock. This enables the quick transfer of energy between the pin stacks and the bump key which leads to swift opening of the lock. This is a key with the profound depth cut. It functions similarly to the pick gun.

Tryout keys

The tryout keys are a set of keys altered to have possessed different depth positions. This keys exploits the poor resistance in different locking components.

Comb pick

This pick pushes all pin stacks from their blocking position, which enables a free rotation of the plug.

Choosing the right picking method

The type of tools used to open a lock solely depends on the preference of the lock picker, as well as the design of the lock.

Once the traditional picking method is been used, then both picks and tension tools are necessary. The picked is specifically used to disrupt the internal component, while the tension tool is employed to keep the component intact while retracting the locking bolt immediately the lock is picked. The lock is considered picked at the point when all the locking components are in an unlocked position.

The majority of the lock picking is covert as a small scratch on the pins of the lock could be of help in a forensic investigation.

Warded locks are unmistakable in light of the fact that they don’t require a tension device to be picked; just the picking instrument is utilized.

Combination locks, by and large, don’t require instruments unless they are hybrid designs. The most widely used method to open this locks is bypass which is more suitable than picking.

Most handcuff locks can be picked by using simple gadgets such as the paper clips, traditional pin-tumbler. A larger percent of the handcuffs locks can be opened by altering the arm of the ratchet instead of altering the mechanism of the lock.


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