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Smart Door Locks that Work with Alexa

- The Amazon's Alexa is capable of doing a number of incredible things for homeowners. It is not only enabling you to easily play songs and get responses to your questions, Amazon’s Alexa is also capable of helping you to control wifi-enabled devices with your voice. Let’s see how you can benefit from Alexa in 2018!

Do you have Echo in your home already? The question now is: Why can’t you add the convenience and safety of Alexa-compatible smart door locks to your home’s security system? Even, if you’re yet to have an Echo at home, don’t worry. Of course, you can actually access Alexa through a number of ways without having to purchase a new device from Amazon. There are a few non-Amazon devices that allow you to access Alexa. The following are a few of these devices:

  1. August Locks
  2. FABRIQ speakers
  3. SONOS speakers
  4. Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie

What Are the Benefits of Alexa-Controlled Locks?

Once you have access to Alexa, there are lots of benefits you can get, including the installation of a smart lock in your home. Now, how can you install smart door lock that work with Alexa?

Ideally, you need a lock to protect your home from intruders. Smart locks offer better protection than locks with keyholes. Rather than using keys that thieves can duplicate, smart locks come with highly encrypted digital access codes that are almost impossible to crack. With smart locks, you won’t bother yourself trying to remember whether or not your door is locked, since smart door locks can be locked and unlock remotely. This gives you a peace of mind.

Another amazing benefit of an Alexa-controlled lock is that it allows you to let in a friend or family members even if you’re not at home. This way, workers can be allowed into your home without giving them any key.

Although smart locks can create a lot of conveniences for anyone, they can really come handy for seniors and the physically-challenged. There won’t be any need bothering themselves about using keys or struggling to open the door. The real deal is that you can actually connect your smart door lock to a wifi-enabled security camera, which allows you to see whoever goes in and out of your home from anywhere before unlocking the door.

Now, Which Smart Lock Should I Buy?

Given the tons of smart locks professional providers out there, choosing the best Alexa-controlled smart lock for your house may be confusing. This is where we can come in for you. As security professionals, our team of experts can guide you to make the right choice from the various options available. In order to guide you towards choosing the best Alexa-controlled smart locks, we recommend following professionals:

1. August Locks

August Locks is a reliable security company with top-notch services. It offers smart Alexa locks that not only enables remote entry to your home, but also promote automatic tracking of the time people arrive and leave the house. With this technology, parents can keep track of their kids’ movements and that of other members of the household. You can also buy more accessories from August Locks to add to your smart lock for additional functions.

2. Kwikset

Another leading security company in the industry is Kwikset. The company helps to create a wide range of simplicity through passcode, which can be used to access your home despite the that fact that you still have the option of using Alexa. Kwikset provides a range of Alexa-enabled smart locks with simple keypad that consist of the SmartCode Deadbolt or the Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt.

We recommend that you take advantage of the security and conveniences offer by Alexa-enabled smart lock when next you plan replacing any of your front door lock.

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