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How To Duplicate Medeco Keys?

- Do you need to copy a Medoco key stamped with “DO NOT COPY”? Wonder if there is a law or a rule against copying this key?

Actually there is no such laws or rules! Please read bellow on how to replace or duplicate Medeco keys.

Who is Medeco?

duplicate medeco keys Medeco Inc. (Mechanical Development Company) is a world leader in manufacturing of high security cylinders. Medeco is a subsidiary of the Assa Abloy Group and located in Roanoke County, Virginia, United States. The company expertise in wholesale and retail of analog residential and commercial locking systems.

Can Medeco keys be duplicated?

Medeco key control system is a patented that makes it nearly impossible to copy a key without proper authorization. Each Medeco lock come with a registered card. Only authorize and equipped Medeco authorized locksmiths can duplicate keys.

Each additional key held on record both at Medeco and the locksmith who cut it. This key controls security violations from individuals who have access to keys. For example, terminated employees, former tenants or construction workers.

Illegal Medeco keys duplication

Yet, just like any other security system, there have been situations where unauthorized Medeco keys have been made. From a technical perspective there is not much anybody can do to eliminate illegal copying of Medeco keys. You will also find that Medeco and most locksmith companies will not even discus this subject. The reason is that some of the most sensitive and valuable things are held behind Medeco door locks.

Where can I duplicate Medeco keys?

Medeco’s uses a card programs procedures and policies to ensure a maximum protection for key duplication. Users may obtain duplicate keys for their Medeco locks only if they have the authorized card. If you are the cardholder, you can find Medeco authorized locksmiths who is able to copy your key.

How to replace a lost Medeco key?

Losing the key have no effect on the duplication process. Using the card, Medeco can still make a new key.

I lost my card! What to do?

Losing, destroying or getting the authorization card stolen is a different story. A locksmith isn't allowed to make a duplicate key without the card.

To get a new card for your lock, you will have to provide the following:

  1. A release and indemnity Agreement to Medeco filled out, notarized and sent to Medeco Card Services.
  2. You must provide Medeco with a current key that to decode or provode the decoding data from an authorized Medeco dealer
  3. Photocopy of the key

I lost my card and have no key! What to do?

If you do not have access to the car and a key for your system, Medeco will not process a new authorization card. If the patent for your Medeco lock expired, some locksmiths will be able to generate a new key. Patents expired for most locks, but the Medeco M3 locks.

How much does a Medeco key cost?

Service Price
Servicde call $19-$29
Duplicate key $5-$10
Key decoding (lost card) $100-$150

* Estimates above includes the technician coming out to you the parts and the labor.

Final price depends on:

  • The state of the lock.
  • The type of equipment that the technician need to use.
  • The number of keys that you would like to have.

The tech will diagnose the vehicle and provide a price for you to approve before doing anything.


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