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Kaba Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX

- office moving Do you need to replace, install or repair a Kaba lock for your office? Did you lost or broken a Kaba key to a store or a clinic? Looking for a Kaba expert to consult about your business access control?


Okey DoKey Locksmith offer mobile Kaba door hardware installation, change and repiar. We carry a range of commercial Kaba electronic locks and card readers for your store and office. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our Kaba lock expert will be with you ASAP.

What is Kaba lock?

Kaba logo Dormakaba is a merge between Dorma and Kaba who became a global leader in security technology with around 16,000 employees. Kaba offers reliable, innovative access control, locks and security solutions for enterprises. Kaba electronic programmble locks enable the setting of schedules and review PIN and/or remote card access. The firm is being used on millions of dwellings like hotels, banks, universities, hospitals worldwide. Kaba software allows advanced management, such as scheduled access, vacation and holidays, visitor and employees management etc.

How does Kaba lock works?

Kaba revolutionized lock technology in 1934 by creating and patenting the reversible key lock. This lock offer high level of security and convenient operation. The key have identical cuts on both sides, have no sharp edges and are extremely user-friendly. The main idea was that it makes no difference how the key is inserted (teeth up/down).

Type of Kaba locks

Over the years, KABA gradually expanded its portfolio and established itself as industry’s leading innovator in the following:
  • Door hardware
  • Mechanical key systems
  • Key systems
  • Movable walls
  • Interior glass systems
  • Entrance Systems
  • Electronic access and data
  • Safe locks
  • Lodging systems

Kaba Access Control With Kaba security cylinders and locks products today, there is a lot to choose from. Kaba's products deliver both optimum protection and organizational flexibility.

What type of lock do hotels use?

Oracode is keyless and internet-based access management solutions for hotels, holiday homes and temporary users. Kaba Oracode locks offer a comprehensive administrative package for PIN code entry. The system uses keypad and RFID applications to eliminates keys, cards and time-consuming management. Ford more information visit dormakaba.

Can you copy a Kaba key?

Only local dormakaba registered dealer can duplicate keys. You can find your dormakaba partner here.

The primary goal of Kaba high security locks is to prevent unauthorized key copies. Kaba keeps registration database of master key systems and the respective keys. Keys copies done only by authorised persons to ensure the system owner always full control.

Kaba use a patented key blanks and will bring legal action against any unauthorized production or use.

I lost my Kaba key! What to do?

A key chain often lost to your office, leisure facilities or your home. Losing your Kaba key can be a very urgent problem, depending on which key you have lost.

If you own a registered Kaba lock, you can order a new key from a here.

Before ordering a new key, you can try the following:

  1. If you live in an apartment or rent your home, report the loss of a key to the building management. If someone will find the keys and returned it to the owner, it will most likely be them.
  2. Many times the building management keep spare keys on hand.
  3. In electronic or mechatronic locks, the missing key is simply deleted from memory.
  4. Depends on the importance of the key, in some cases a mechanical lock systems will have to be replaced.

If you have lost the personal documents for your lock, an uninvited guest may enter your home or office. In this case, the lock cylinder should be replaced or rekeyed.

Can I rekey a Kaba lock?

Rekeying of a Kaba lock is possible, but in most cases will cost more than replacing the cylinder.

Original Kaba lock pins are shorter than other aftermarket replacement pins and are also crowned for seamless operation. Some original Kaba pins are spool-shaped for extra security. According to Kaba, aftermarket pins will not operate properly in Kaba products and will have no warranty.

How to program a Kaba door lock?

Most of the Kaba locks have a very simple programming interface. User won’t have to remove the lock cover to program the lock and done via the keypad.

How to change a Battery on a Kaba lock?

Most Kaba commercial locks are full mechanical locks and use no battery. Electronic locks use battery, so they will continue to operate during a power outage. Changing the battery of a Kaba lock is an easy task and is suitable for a DIY project. Learn here how to change the battery in your Kaba lock.

Cost of Kaba locks

Kaba lock prices Kaba lock is a better way to control the access in and out of your dwelling, but are not as cheap as other lock manufacturers.

How long does it take to install a Kaba lock?

If you experience a Kaba lock related emergency, our commercial locksmiths are ready to assist you. We respond to emergencies 24/7 around the clock, and can solve the most Kaba urgent problems fast. Our local Kaba locksmith are near you and and can reach you ASAP.

24 hour service Our locksmiths drives a fully equipped van with all the Kaba locks, door hardware and tools. We are ready for a fast service to unlock or repair an old Kaba lock. For large scale project lick lock change or fresh lock installation the response time vary.


  1. - Kaba offers a unique combination of mechanical and intelligent key solutions customizable for high security needs.
  2. - About Dormakaba.

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Kaba Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Kaba Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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