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Schlage Lock Install & Repair Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

- office moving Did you lost the keys to your dwelling? Are you a house owner looking to install Schlage locks on your doors?


24 hour service Okey DoKey Locksmith offer mobile Schlage door hardware installation, change and repiar. We carry a range of commercial and residential Schlage Deadbolt of Mortise locks for your home and office. Call (832)408-0006 for a FREE ESTIMATE and our Schlage lock expert will be with you ASAP.

What is Schlage lock?

schlage logo Since 1920, Schlage has continued to produce the same level of high-quality security products for pretty much any type of building available nationally at, Best Buy, home centers, and hardware stores. Whether you’re interested in improving your home security, protecting a commercial property, or simply keeping an eye on your industrial building – Schlage will have the security products that you need.

Duplicate Schlage keys

Need to copy more keys? Here we will help you duplicate additional keys. First some basics about Schlage keys and key numbers.

There are basically four types of Schlage keys:

  • Schlage C keywayC Keyway - Most Schlage locks uses two levels of security, either a 5 or 6 digit bitting number to cut keys. The number is regularly stamped on the head of the key. Using this number we can cut identical key to majority of Schlage locks if you have at least one functional key. Having the bitting number, a locksmith can duplicate a new key without ever having to see the original key and can also rekey few locks to sync with this same key.

  • Schlage SC1 keyIf your Schlage key number starts/ends with 'AA' or 'A', has an 'SC1' on it or is a Schlage retail boxes with 'Key Alike Code', this probably means it is a part of a master-key system which use a passkey and the number on it will not work and will result in a bad key being cut.

If your key is have no key number data, then there are few other options. Here can send your key and a duplicate the key will be shipped you.

Types of Schlage locks:

Pin Cylinder Locks

Pin Cylinder Locks This plated Deadbolt is a simple security solution which can be fitted to a door within minutes while acting as an effective security solution. With consideration to the vast number of pin cylinder locks that are available, you can browse the collection and pick one which suits the environment that you’ll be installing it in.

Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks Taking things a step further than the Deadbolt locks, having an electronic lock completely eliminates the need for you to carry around your keys or key card. With an electronic lock, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys and you can open the locked door almost effortlessly.

As well as being an effective security solution, electronic locks are impressive, easy to install, and perfect for any situation (even residential installations!).

Smart Locks

Smart Locks Lastly, the most recent addition to the line of available locks, the smart lock. With a smart lock, you can unlock a door using your phone and a Bluetooth connection from almost anywhere. When paired with an effective security system, you won’t regret having a smart lock installed.

Rekeying Door Locks

If you choose to have your door locks rekeyed, then congratulations – you took a huge step forward and have added that extra layer of security to your property. On the other hand, rekeying a lock can take a different direction and if you wanted to, you could have one key open all of the doors in your property.

24/7 Schlage locksmith

Our team of specialists are able to install new Schlage door locks, upgrade or rekey existing locks, and make suggestions to you based on what your security needs are. They have the experience, the confidence, and know which of their products are best.

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Schlage Lock Install & Repair Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Schlage Lock Install & Repair Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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