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Falcon Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX

- Falcon is a lock company that has its pride in various security matters. The satisfaction lies in locks and keys products that are cost-effective and exceeds or meet building and life safety requirements. Falcon has an extensive product line within the market. They contain applications with different safety an security needs. Falcon acts as the best option for the consumers that their interest is based on safety that is cost-effective and contains high quality.

T-Series Lock

T-series is a product of Falcon. The product has the most versatile features in the lockset industrial domain. The need to have an extra lock that is heavy-duty and can place its acceptance on any manufacturer cylinder is vital. The removal procedures of the cylinder are quite easy, and also the rekeying takes place at ease. The redesign of the product with the cylinder that has a compression key behind it makes the T-series strong making the elimination of the lever sag evident. The adaptive lock is perfectly suited to the retrofit nor new construction in the buildings that have varying retail, institutional and military or government services.

MA Series Lock

The MA Series lock has a high-performance rate that is affordable for commercial projects, education, hospital, and office. MA Series is the dependable and toughest locks that Falcon Company produces. The security provision of the MA Series is to provide security that is meant not to fail. The product creates simplicity in the use of retrofit with a core that is interchangeable which also can be quite quick to remove. The re-keying has compatibility with the SFIC products from other companies. The locks have the best name in the industry.

SC70 Series Lock

The locks have locks that contain closers that are heavy-duty. This is built for the commercial applications that have the demand for easy maintenance and reliable door control. They are designed to be used in aluminum storefronts. The locks closers contain the ANSI Grade 1, delivers tough performances. The SC70 is best for the exterior of interior doors in restaurants, small offices, and retail shops.

25 Series Lock

Banks, assisted facilities, offices and commercial buildings experience regular traffic. This dictates that the hardware of the door be able to accommodate continuous abuse and use. The exit of the 25 series devices enables it to fit the bill with the reliable and toughest performances in the industry. The features create a solution that is marked with the label of A or B rating, panic and electrified options combined with the compliment trims. Stile device, sleek and streamlined with solutions for the designs of the building is relevant to understand in this case. The names facilitate you to acquire a product that has durability, reliability, and value.

The rekeying of Falcon locks provides an individual with additional business or home security. If you have to choose to have the locks rekeyed by the specialist in a locksmith, you can design the compatibility of the keychain through exterior locks and open the residence with the similar key at the occasion. One needs to make sure the individual that has the keys that unlock the falcon locks is you only.

24/7 Falcon Lock and key

Okey DoKey specialists can change, repair, rekey and and install falcon locks of different designs. This is regardless the level of the lock security, Deadbolts, mortise locks and another stem of levers.

Falcon Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

Falcon Locks Change & Rekey Houston TX - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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