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What is Sidewinder / Laser Cut Key?

- sidewinder key Sidewinder key, also known as laser-cut key, derives its name from the unique winding cut that can be seen on the metal part. The sidewinder key characteristically has smooth edges which make it different from standard keys with straight grooves and jagged cut edge. It has a flexible laser carving that can curve and bend over the metal shaft just in the same manner typical of the snake after which the key is named.

Where Can I Buy Sidewinder Keys?

Sidewinder keys are not readily available in most hardware stores. Unlike the low-cost standard key grinders used in cutting basic keys, the equipment for creating sidewinder keys are not affordable for most stores. You can buy sidewinder keys from the vehicle dealership or the manufacturer.


Due to the in-built chip and special cutting required, replacing your sidewinder key may cost you between $150 and $250. However, you can opt for an extra transponder key without the remote if you are on low budget.

Problems with Sidewinder Keys

Your sidewinder key may fail to slide smoothly into the lock or turn it after prolonged uses without proper cleaning. You can correct this problem with regular cleaning and proper lubrication of all the locks on the car. If the problem originate from a warned out key, a new key should be created by the VIN number to avoid copying the flew to the duplicate key. In some situations you may be asked to replace the entire lock mechanism of your car to get rid of the problem totally.


The maintenance for your sidewinder keys starts with buying the right type of lubricant for your car or truck locks. Then, you also need to learn how to apply the lubricant properly on a regular basis. Doing frequent cleaning and proper lubrication lubrication will make your key to turn easily as well as protect the lock from being damaged by water and dirt. Insufficient lubrication can grind down the lock mechanism after a while. So, ensure you apply the lubricant to the door and trunk locks including the ignition.

Final Words

Since modern sidewinder or laser cut keys are expensive compared to the standard keys, it is important you do everything within your power to maintain yours. However, it's better if you have a backup in case of emergency. A spare key can come handy if your car or truck key gets damaged or lost. Imagine the excitement you will feel when you have a spare key coming to your rescue after locking yourself out of your car.

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