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What is VATS key?


What VAT acronym stands for?

vats resistor VAT is an acronym for Vehicle Anti-theft System. It is usually referred to as a pass key which stands for (Personal Automotive Security System) and is a security feature adopted by several different GM model vehicles from 1986 to 2005. Every VATS key produced with a unique resistor on the key blade and possesses a possible codes of 1 out of 15 values. By assigning a vats key with the correct resister pellet, the driver inserts the key blade into the ignition lock, which then make a contact with the resister pellet on the key so the electronic VATS system can reads its value. If the key has a match resister pellet, then the car will start, otherwise, then the engine will be disabled.

Which GM models use VATs keys?

How to determine your VATs code?

If you have a functional vats key, and you want to know the code, you can measure its value by placing the ohm meter leads on the VATS key resister pellet. Once you find the pellets ohm value of the resister, you can determine the key code by looking up the resistance value in the chart below. If the value that you read from the ohm doesn't found on the chart, just pick the closest value.

vats codes

How to duplicate VATS key?

To duplicate VATS key follow the instruction in the link.

Facts about VATs keys

6 cuts vs 10 cuts vats
  1. Two main types of vats keys exist in the market: a single sided 6 cuts and a double sided 10-cut. However, within those two categories there are different styles of head or key bow and logos. All VATs equipped vehicles before 1995 use the single sided 6 cut key.
  2. The resister is protrudes out on both sides of the blade and the resister pellet function the same on a single sided or double sided vats key.
  3. To buy the correct key, a driver must know the right VATS code. This code cannot be programmed, configured or changed. Replacing the ignition switch for a VATs equipped vehicle does not change the code, since the code for a particular vehicle determined by the electronics and not by the ignition.
  4. 10 cut VATs keys and vehicles that was manufactured since 1990 can only use codes 2 through 15.
  5. 6 cut VATs keys uses codes 1 through 15.

Lost VATs keys

If you lost all your keys and you don’t know your key code, call Okey DoKey Locksmith. Our mobile technicians can diagnose your vehicle to find your VATS pellet code, decode the cuts on your key.

What is VATS key? - Okey DoKey Locksmith

  What is VATS key? - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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