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Key Won't Turn in Ignition

- When Your Key Won’t Turn in Your Ignition Lock Cylinder you most likely experiencing one of this four problems:

  1. Locked Steering Wheel: Locked Steering WheelIf your key will turn but your steering wheel is locked then adhere to the measures provided below for How to Unlock a Locked Steering wheel, and you will be right back on track.

  2. Dirt: wd40Dirt, dust, debris, and pocket can hinder your key from turning in your ignition lock cylinder. It’s not advisable to poke around the inside of the ignition lock cylinder with a stick or rod because the ignition lock cylinders are very fragile. Rather than poking the inside of the ignition lock cylinder to remove the dirt and debris, they can be removed by spraying little doses of electrical cleaner into the ignition lock cylinder and then gently insert the key into the ignition and pull it out severally. You must never apply force when inserting the key or when turning it. Also, you must not try this method on vehicles with high-security keys like Acura, Honda, Lexus, etc.

  3. Damaged, Worn, or Bent Keys: warned out keyIf you've got a damaged, worn, or bent key, pull out the key just a few millimeters, about the thickness of a nickel, before turning it gently. Then wiggle the key while in the ignition as you are trying to turn the key. If following these steps work then it simply means you've got a damaged or worn key. It could also mean that your ignition may have just begun to fail. If this is the case, then it’s high time you visited a Locksmith to get a new key cut out for you. You should ask the locksmith to cut the key by VIN numbers called CODE key and not make a duplicate. Cutting your key by the CODE key means a machine will recreate the initial spacing and depth the key had on it when it was new from the factory, i.e., when the vehicle was zero miles. If these measures do not solve the problem, then it's time to check the ignition lock cylinder.

  4. Failed, Worn, and Damaged Ignition Lock Cylinder: damaged ignition switchModern ignition lock cylinders are now designed to run for about 60,000 miles before wearing off. However, there are also lock cylinders that’s got just a little above 1800 miles. If you’ve got this problem then here’s how to Fix It.

Unlocking a Locked Steering Wheel

In this technique, it is important to note that the instructions provided here are for every make, year, and model vehicles that are ever produced.

  • Step 1: This is quite an easy step but a crucial one at that and it will require both hands. Steering wheels usually turn in just two directions, the left and right direction. A locked steering wheel will be stiff in one direction but will feel a little bit springy one the other side indicating that the wheel wants to spring back to place. Steering wheels stiffen most at times when you use them as a support to get out of the vehicle, causing the “springy” feel to occur in the left direction. Identify the direction which it feels springy and move on to the next step.

  • Step 2: Never attempt to rock or shake the wheel, just turn it in the direction of the springy feel and hold it there and apply with an even and constant force on it. Turn the key with a normal pressure until you can feel the steering wheel forcing to spring back in the opposite direction and do not apply too much force when turning the wheel or when turning the key. This should get the problem fix and unlock your stiff steering wheel. Only apply this technique if your steering wheel was locked, but if your steering wheel is unlocked, then the problem should be with the ignition lock cylinder or your key. Go back to Troubleshooting.

  • Step 3: You’ve got a problem with your ignition lock or key if your key still won’t turn in your ignition lock cylinder. It is advisable to visit an Automotive Locksmith. Trying to force to the key turn can cause more serious damage to both the ignition cylinder and key. Modern car keys can cost up to $10-$100, and this price may increase up to 2 to 10 times more to fix the problem if the key break in the ignition lock cylinder.

  • What Stops Key from Turning in the Ignition Lock Cylinder

    If you’ve followed all the instructions above carefully and the ignition still won’t turn then chances are good that your vehicle is listed below. The list below provides the names of vehicles we first suspect once anyone calls in to complain that their key won't turn in their ignition lock cylinder, and when asked how many miles their vehicle has traveled, it usually falls around 60,000, 120,000, 180,000 or 240,000 miles.

    Honda/Acura ignition problems

    Newer models of Honda and Acura vehicles usually suffer this problem either because of worn ignitions or keys. Vehicles Affected. Geo and Toyota ignitions tend to fail because of worn out keys. This problem is usually solved by getting a new code key or by duplicating your key. If this still doesn't fix it, then the problem may be with the ignition.

    Saturn ignition problems

    Saturn ignitions usually suffer this problem either because mostly because of worn ignitions and sometimes worn keys. Vehicles Affected

    GM ignition problems

    GM vehicles (Hummer, Cadillac, Pontiac, Chevy, Buick, GMC, and Oldsmobile) and Chrysler vehicles (Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Eagle, and Jeep) ignitions usually suffer this problem if the key is inserted at a slight angle. Vehicles Affected

    Ford ignition problems

    Ford vehicles (Cougar, Contour, Focus, and Mystique) suffer this issue because of worn ignition. Other Ford vehicles tend to develop this fault as a result of locked steering wheels or dirty ignitions.

    Last word

    We acknowledge that the list provided here may have some errors, but it’s close to accurate as we can make it. We are Automotive Locksmiths specialists that treat and attend to any issue associated with ignition lock cylinders. The list here contains the newer vehicles, though not all that we had replaced the ignition lock cylinders for. If you are in a search for a Key won't turn in ignition? call (844)653-6539 our emergency auto locksmith can unlock you steering wheel, clean your cylinder on cut key by VIN in Houston Texas.

Key Won't Turn in Ignition What to do? - Okey DoKey Locksmith

  Key Won't Turn in Ignition What to do? - Okey DoKey Locksmith

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