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Where Did The BMW Logo Came From?

- bmw logo White and sky blue checkered on the inside, black on the border, with the letters BMW, crested on it – for close to a century, this famous logo has been considered symbolic of the beauty of driving. How did this symbol come about, though? Our team set out on a quest for the truth at BMW, as recorded in the above video.

The actual meaning of “quartered sky blue and white” of the well-known BMW logo is actually a matter of surprisingly great controversy for the company. An Executive Board Member of BMW AG, Dr. Florian Triebel, says that “there are two traditions concerning the significance of the BMW logo and trademark, offering two different interpretations of its sky blue and white fields. One interpretation points to a rotating propeller. The other relates the BMW logo to Bavaria as the place where the products are manufactured.”

bmw propeller Many say that the inspiration for the present BMW logo was gotten from the circular outlook of an aircraft propeller during rotation. The white and sky blue checkered quarters are thought to be a schematic depiction of the white or silver blades of the propeller as it spins with the clear blue sky as the backdrop.

bavaria It was thus a “happy coincidence” for the car producer that the logo also matched with the colors of the flag of Bavaria, which represents the origin of the company. When this classic logo was initially designed, the Trademark Act of the time prohibited the BMW from displaying the “national coats of arms or other symbols of national sovereignty” on their trademark symbol, which led the company’s marketers to find another premise with which to put it forward, by “incorrectly configuring the color elements in the BMW logo from a heraldic perspective,” while maintaining their obvious ties to the State of Bavaria.

The New York Times has stated that BMW has officially established this story. The words of their correspondent were: “In last Sunday’s Automobiles section, I wrote about visiting a quartet of German car museums. At the BMW Museum in Munich, my affable tour guide, Anne Schmidt-Possiwal, explained that the blue-and-white company logo did not represent a spinning propeller, but was meant to show the colors of the Free State of Bavaria.”


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