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Eight Things You Can do to Avoid Locking Keys in Your Car

- locked keys in carSometimes we get overwhelmed with daily activities, and as humans, we tend to forget the simplest things, like locking keys in the car. Of course, it wouldn’t be out of place if you’ve locked your keys in the car once or twice in the past. The good side is that there are things you can actually do to prevent yourself from experiencing the unfortunate incident. However, if you mistakenly lock keys in your car, there are affordable emergency locksmiths out there that can assist you to safely unlock the car without causing damages to the lock or ignition components.

8 Easy Steps to Avoid Keys Locked In Your Car

smart ideaIf you will like to learn a few tips that can help you to prevent being locked out of your car, then you’re advice to spare the next few minutes to read the content of this post to the end. Some of the tips will definitely come handy for you in keeping your car keys safe.

  1. remote clickerForm the Habit of Locking Doors from the Outside - If you can form the habit of locking doors from the outside, it will become part of your sub-consciousness. This can save you the troubles that may result from leaving keys in the ignition or forgetting them on the seat.
  2. Always Keep a Spare Key in Your Wallet - It is natural to forget things sometimes. But, if you always keep a spare key in your purse, it will save you from the embarrassment that comes with locking yourself out of your car.
  3. Attach a Lanyard Keychain to Your Car Keys - It is easier to notice keys with long strips. Hence, it will be a great idea to attach your car keys to a lanyard so you will be able to notice them easily when getting out of your car.
  4. Attach Your Keys to a Carabiner - If you can’t lay your hand on a lanyard keychain, you can make use of a carabiner. A carabiner is a metal loop used in locking keys. You can hook the loop to your belt, jeans or purse strings after attaching the keys to the carabiner.
  5. Make Use of a Retractable Leash - In order not to miss your car keys, you can attach them to a retractable leach that can be attached to clothing. With this approach, you will be forced to remove the key from the doors and ignition anytime the car is not in use. Otherwise, your cloth will get tugged as you move, reminding you what you need to do to get yourself free.
  6. Attach a Small Bell to Your Car Key - The sound of a bell will trigger your attention when getting out of the car. This way, you won’t forget the keys in the car.
  7. power windowLearn How to Roll-Down Car Windows - Some older car models come with manual roll-down windows that can gently be rolled down the window slot without causing damages to the glass. This can be done with slow movements from the outside. You can use the following steps to roll-down your car window.
  8. Always Stay Conscious of Your Car Keys - If none of the above tips suit your preference, then you must train yourself to always keep your keys in a safe place or in your pocket before exiting the car. You won’t misplace your car keys or forget them in the ignition if you’re always
  9. conscious of where your car keys are at all times.


Although human beings are prone to making mistakes, you can avoid losing your keys if you’re smart about keeping it. The trick is to find a strategy that works for you. You can adopt any of the above car keys protection tips that suit your preference.

locked keys in carHowever, if you forget your keys in the car and you get stranded, you can call Okey DoKey Locksmith to get all the professional assistance you need. Our teams are well trained and they are available 24/7 to respond to locked out emergencies.


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